Trąby Apokalipsy, czy coś innego? ;)

Kto siedzi w naszych tematach, ten pewnie już o tym słyszał lub czytał. Chodzi o dziwne dźwięki, które można usłyszeć prawie na całym świecie. Są na ten temat różne teorie, ale moja jest taka, że to po prostu sygnały zmian, które zachodzą we Wszechświecie. Ja też je słyszałam, ale nie pamiętam, czy był to 2012 r. czy 2013 r. Pamiętam, że wyszłam na balkon i słuchałam, zapukałam bratu w okno, on wyjrzał więc zapytałam, czy to słyszy. Powiedział, że tak i że to pewnie z budowy. Fakt faktem, że wtedy sporo tego w naszych rejonach było i faktycznie brzmiało, jakby jakaś ciężka maszyneria, jakiś dźwig, czy coś, się przemieszczało. Ale ja, jak to ja, jakoś bardziej skłaniałam się ku teorii, że to wcale nie żaden dźwig, ani nic ziemskiego…
Ktoś z Was to może słyszał?

Kolejne osiem, osiem, osiem

Chciałam zrobić UPDATE poprzedniego wpisu, ale qrna, no nie da się ;) TO zasługuje na oddzielny wpis.
Miałam iść spać, ale natrafiłam na coś interesującego… Dziś kolejny dzień z serii tych „dziwnych”. 888 z miesiąca, dnia i roku. No i właśnie to dlatego tak dziwnie się czuję! Normalnie stałam się istnym „odbiornikiem” wszelkich zmian energii i wibracji i wszystko co się TAM dzieje, to odbija się na mnie. Także droga duszo, jeśli chcesz się dowiedzieć, co tam i jak tam, to poczytaj, co  u Taryn :D

„Today is 8/17/2015=888, 8/1+7=8/2+0+1+5=8 8/8/8
Many of you experienced the last increase of high energy vibrations entering into the Earths electromagnetic sphere over 8/8/2015=8/8/8. Jesus Christ in Greek Hebrew numerology shown in all scripture study material equals the number 888. The opening of this energy gateway caused humanities energy field to increase and change as well, pushing their negative lower vibrations of past karma’s and/or issues to surface, to be cleansed, refined, transformed and accept the incoming high frequency vibrations of love and light.

Today is another opening of the „God” Source energies pouring into the Earths atmosphere causing many to become „Christ Conscious” or upgrading their Divine DNA within located in your kundalini. Those already awakened to their true God/Goddess will experience an increase in their „Christ” abilities. This process is called your kundalini rising which everyone at some point WILL EXPERIENCE. The video below is very important for ALL to watch disclosing information on signs, symptoms and instructions on your kundalini rising. These high frequency love energies now coming into the Earths lower energy atmosphere is forcing the electromagnetic sphere of the Earth to rise quickly out of its low frequency state to a higher frequency state of love and light. This is why so many are feeling hyper, bi-polar, chaotic, confused and even feeling like your going crazy at times. You do not have a disorder, they are all energy and spiritual symptoms caused by the change in your energy field, making you deal with negative energies more then normal. Relax, eat well, meditate and take care of yourself, your mind and your body as this what your body needs and wants. Also DRINK LOTS OF WATER to help flush out daily toxins.

Earths atmosphere has carried such low energy frequencies for so long that humanity is now conditioned to feeling negative vibrations of fear, worry, stress, pain and many other low energy emotions as normal. Since Is so accustomed to living in negative low frequency vibrations, the effects of such a rapid increase of high frequency love vibrations in the Earth and the energy fields of people causes them and all things to deal with all negative lower vibrational issues and cleanse itself of the negative energies. Humanity and Mother Earth are cleansing all its dark and negative energies and preparing The Age of Light for The New Earth. More and more of these high frequency energies of love and light will continue enter Earths atmosphere through 2020, adventualy causing no room for negativity or darkness to exist on earth once the Earths Galactic Alignment with its center is completed.

Earth is in a rare time in its history where all its planets will come into full alignment with its galactic center, the Milky Way. As this process occurs, changes in the electromagnetic sphere within the Earth’s atmosphere develop, creating a newer frequency vibration at about 825Hz. This is the „God Source” energies coming from The Galactic Center, „The Eye” of the God Source, pouring onto Earth causing the 1st wave of „Christ Consciousness” awakenings across the world.

All this knowledge and wisdom has been universally collected by many over many life times, and is called the „Akashaic Records”. This knowledge and wisdom has been accessed by many throughout human history and has been interpreted by many spiritual, religious and political leaders in teachings and scriptures as „God” pouring out his spirit upon all flesh. In scientific terms they are explained as high frequency love and light vibrations, the „God” Source energies. This high frequency energy and process is thrusting humanities consciousness into the 5th, 6th, 7th all the way up-to the 13th dimensional spirit and astro realms which humanity calls „Heaven” at an accelerated rate. Essentially the „Veil” is being lifted and people will be able to manifest their own reality, see and experience things in the spirit and astro realms they’ve never experienced before. This is why what you think, feel and act needs becomes your main focus. These new energies are allowing humanity to attract and manifest things faster then ever before by what they are thinking, feeling and acting. The term you attract what you are is 100% correct and why focusing on what you want rather then what you dont want is the key element in creating your „Heaven on Earth”. Keep in mind that if you focus on selfish, harmful, jealous or resentful thoughts you will attract the same into your life. This is why focusing on love and light and saying positive affirmations to yourself, others and the world as a whole is more important then ever. The more good, love and light you put out the more good, love and light you will receive in return. YOU ARE NOW CREATING YOUR OWN REALITIES.

Those of you whom are not taking a spiritual approach to fixing and maintaining all things are finding normal things and life becoming more difficult, chaotic and harder to maintain. Living in the corporate and material world and dealing are causing many health issues such as anxiety, fear, worry, stress, diseases, rashes, cancers and many other health issues. This is due to the increased in high energy vibrations in your personal electromagnetic field from Earth changes. These high love energies will continue to rapidly increase on Earth, in all people and all things over the next few months. This process which religious and political leaders all over the world refer to as „The Lifting of the Veil” is happening in stages up through 2020 as humanity and Mother Earth could not handle such change, increased love and light all at once. Remember, Earth has lived in such low vibrations of negativity for so long that it takes extreme measures for most to change and accept the energies of love and light. It’s like an addiction humanity has to break through series of tribulations. It’s through heart ache, the stripping away of ones self and the material world when all of humanity will realize the true effects of love, light, it’s purpose, it’s meaning and its power. Humanity will only evolve when it is on the precipice of change and enlightenment as a whole.

8/17/2015=888 marks another step forward into The Age of Light, The Age of the Aquarians and The New Earth. We live in times of great change and by the end of 2020 all of Earth’s „Veil” will be 100% lifted for all to experience regardless of karma’s or beliefs. By this occurrence, all previous lives ‘soul’ consciousness will become free of the limbo that they dwell in and will be reunited with the immortal spirit entity that makes up the core of our personal psyche regardless of race, religion, sex, decree and/or belief.”