We were speaking with a client the other day whose twin flame is busy with a girlfriend, and the Universe had brought a soulmate into her life.

Her twin flame is quite angry and still working through some lower energy male templating, so is not yet available to her for relationship. She was wondering about her soul connection with this new person and how that would impact her eventual union with her twin.

As I tuned into the energy, I saw this soulmate as a strong and light-filled soul who had his hand out to her. I saw her as crouching down, wearing rags and looking quite disheveled. I immediately got the message that this new person had come to her to help her finally shed the parts of her that believed she deserved to wear rags. He had come to help her heal and love herself more fully.

It really touched us both, and then later in the session, I saw this soulmate had come also to help her twin flame — he was there to help her twin flame heal as well, to help his masculine template as this soul mate has quite a healed one.

What a beautiful gift from the Universe — a soul come to help the twin flames when they need it most. So, far from being a romantic distraction, this was a deep and orchestrated event.

We’re seeing more and more soulmates come into the picture to help the healing process of twins, and we’re working with many people who are navigating this in their twin flame journeys. What we’re mostly seeing is brief but intense encounters, and when I tune in energetically I see the „reason” behind these connections and how it is actually serving the twin flames.

It can be easy to get confused and think „is this the one I’m supposed to be with, not my twin?” but what we’re seeing is not like this. These soul mates seem to be a step in the journey, come to help us „up the ladder” quicker and more efficiently.

As we were completing the session with our client, I got a vision of the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy falling asleep in the field of poppies. The message I was guided to give her was, the love of soulmates can be very very sweet and supportive, but keep checking in with yourself to make sure you are still headed to „Oz.” Don’t go to sleep in the warm and sweet poppy field.

Some twins try to cling to a soul mate relationship because it feels so soothing and comfortable, and avoid the fiery intensity of the twin flame. You are your own guide through this journey, so you will know in your soul when it’s time to go, when the gift has been exchanged and it’s time to go forth again onto the yellow brick road.

But if a soul mate comes to you, it’s for a reason — proceed as feels right to you. The Universe is sending you the very „medicine” your twin flame union needs, and give you a much-needed love boost as you go. The orchestration of this journey is too much for our human brains to comprehend; let your soul be in charge.

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